We need Thunderzord power, NOW!
Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord review

April 25, 2016

The newest Megazord set by Bandai of America is the Season 2 Thunderzord set for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The Thunder Megazord (or Mega Thunderzord to make things confusing) is the upgraded form of the original Dino Megazord. And boy, do I love it.

Unlike previous ZordBuilder sets, this one stands at around the same height as the Japanese Sentai mech toys. As such, it's only slightly smaller than the original Thunderzord collection. It's actually mostly slimmer rather than shorter, and in fact the separate Red Dragon Thunderzord is slightly taller than the original. Combined, it's only a hair shorter. The overall design has been revamped compared to other ZordBuilder toys, and in fact only really has ZordBuilder ports for the sake of the White Tigerzord. The overall look is extremely clean as a result, and the only visible sockets are on the back of the Griffin and Unicorn Zords.

Like all Legacy toys, it features die-cast parts. The Red Dragon's torso is all metal, the Griffin and Unicorn both have metal bases, and the Lion Thunderzord has metal claws. I don't think the Phoenix has any die-cast parts at all, though. That said, the whole thing fits together really well and has a good weight to it. Early versions had a tendency to lean forward if the Dragon's Warrior Mode legs weren't locked in properly, but the second print-run version has tabs on the leg guards to keep it standing better.

The set also comes with an Assault Team base that they can all stand on, which stores the parts not being used at the time. This was a welcome feature for me, because I'm kind of bad at keeping track of small parts when they have nowhere to go. The one exception is the Thunder Saber, which is big enough that it shouldn't easily get lost.

The extra parts in question are used to combine the Assault Team with the White Tigerzord, which came out a while back. The ZordBuilder ports on the other figures are purely to combine with it, since it was designed at first to use parts from the Dino Megazord. The combined Mega Tigerzord is massive, between being the tallest Megazord in the Legacy series to date and being made from the metal-heavy Tigerzord. Its overall look is impressive, and any long-time Power Rangers fan would love it.

Like most Legacy Megazords, this one started out a bit overpriced at nearly $200. However, it seems to end up on sale pretty often at my local Toys-R-Us, and I nabbed mine for $150 before my Rewards discounts were applied. If you were a fan of Mighty Morphin' part 2, this is the one collectable I'd recommend over all others. The Ninja Megazord is coming soon, and the Falconzord is already out, but I'd put the Thunderzords first.

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