Revisting Pokémon Snap
September 19, 2016

After playing Pokémon Go for a while, one of my favorite features is being able to take pictures of the Pokémon where you find them. It sparks the amateur photographer in me and I try to make them look as a part of the environment as I can, along with the basic composition guidelines I was taught in school. It doesn't always work out though.

So I picked up Pokémon Snap on the Wii Shop (since it wasn't available on the Wii U shop). Either way, getting used to the controls in Pokémon Snap was difficult for me. Since I don't play a lot of games that control the camera so much, it was really hard for me to line up the perfect shot for ol' Professor Oak. I kept making sharp fast movements and missing most of the Pokémon.

As far as the game itself, the graphics are about on par on what I would expect for a game that came out in 1999. The menu controls are pretty straightforward. After taking as many pictures are you can, you submit them to Professor Oak and he grades them on size, pose, and technique. The game expects you to play levels several times, because you have to get a certain number of points and pictures to proceed. You might need the practice though, because anticipating the Pokémon's movements on a given track seems to be the key to success in the game. Nature photographers everywhere would love it if their subjects were this predictable. They probably would not use any camera that had the fidgety controls that the game does.

Anyway, if you want to revisit taking pictures of Pokémon in their “natural” environment, and not just in your neighbors garage or on top of your sister's car, paying ten dollars through the Wii store might just give you a bit of old school Pokémon entertainment.

-- Kitten Kagome

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